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3 ways to tell if your HVAC unit is faulty

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Have you noticed a strange smell? Have you heard odd noises lately? If your HVAC doesn’t sound or smell like it’s supposed to, there might be an underlying problem.

Air conditioning units are widely relied on throughout the year, from homes to workplaces, and the idea of a sudden malfunction developing can be a cause for concern for those suffering from allergies or battling with the warm and cold weather that the UK delivers. However, these units are intelligent and frequently present their own warning signs when a malfunction occurs; we only need to pay attention to them! Recognising the signs early can result in an easy repair, enabling you to continue to use your unit on a regular basis without worry.

Bad odours

Unfortunately, the emission of strong smells is a tell-tale sign that your air conditioning system is malfunctioning. There are various types of odours that might each indicate a distinct issue, but any bad odour coming from your unit is a warning sign to call for a repair. Musty odours may suggest mould development, which is typical in units that haven’t been serviced or cleaned in a long time, but a stronger fragrance could indicate a burnt-out wire.

Unhealthy sounds

As air conditioning units are designed to operate quietly, the sudden occurrence of unpleasant, mechanical noises is one of the easier warning signals to detect. This can take the form of grinding, clunking, or squeaking, but if you notice any unusual sound coming from your unit that hasn’t previously been present, it may be worth contacting an expert.

A rise in your energy bills

Energy bills fluctuate all the time, but a sudden rise in your costs might indicate a problem with the airflow coming from your air conditioning equipment. Over time, debris can accumulate in your units, clogging the filters and resulting in a lack of airflow dispersing from the unit itself. With reduced air circulation, you may need to increase the pressure to feel the advantage without seeing the possible obstruction, leading your energy expenditures to climb while the volume of airflow stays low.

At NDS Mechanical Services, we have a team of specialists on hand to provide your unit with a regular service and safety inspection, as well as a full clean, call out repairs, and replacement work. If you have an enquiry about your air conditioning unit, get in touch with our team by calling 01375 893892 or emailing us at

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