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9 Millbank Project

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The NDS plant movement site team took delivery and final positioned 2NO buffer vessels as part of the plant movement package awarded to NDS at the 9 Millbank project in London.

Each buffer vessel had a gross weight of 2000kg and due to very restricted access, the vessels were delivered to the site in a horizontal position and had to be rotated through 90 degrees and placed in an upright position.

The 2no vessels were offloaded by an NDS forklift truck and driver, then transported down the access ramp leading to the basement. The vessels were landed at the bottom of the access ramp, were then plant moved by the NDS plant movement site team, and placed in the new Energy Centre. Once in the Energy Centre the buffer vessels were lifted and rotated through 90 degrees using a mobile lifting gantry and manual chain hoists. Once the buffer vessels had been stood upright and were vertical, both vessels were placed into final positions in the Energy Centre.

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