100 Shoreditch Hotel Boiler Plant Room Refurbishment


NDS was approved as the main contractor to carry out the refurbishment of the main boiler plant room and the existing boiler plant room at 100 Shoreditch Hotel.

This project required uninterrupted hot water for the duration of the project to allow the hotel to continue to operate during these works. This required the supply and installation of a temporary boiler system utilizing an external fuel source which was used while the existing plant was decommissioned and stripped out.

NDS supplied and installed the new energy-efficient hot water system consisting of new modular boilers, upgraded inverter-driven pumps, upgraded plate heat exchangers, associated pipework, control valves & insulation. To accommodate the new plant the BEMS systems in both plant rooms required modifications to ensure all plant operated as designed, following an efficiency-driven controls logic providing the client optimum performance from the new equipment and reducing energy wasteage.