Installation of world first HVRF system


NDS were recently responsible for the installation of a Mitsubishi HVRF system at BOC Head Office, the world’s only Hybrid VRF system. The entire install was done in house by the NDS team, from the water supply to the power installation.

The Hybrid VRF is a world first simultaneous heating and cooling 2-pipe system that uses refrigerant between the outdoor unit and the HBC (Hybrid BC controller), and water between the HBC and the indoor units. HBC is the most unique part in this system and allows heat exchange between refrigerant and water.

Mitsubishi are currently the only manufacturer rolling out the innovative hybrid systems. They are much better for the environment due to the lower GWP of R32 in comparison to the currently used R410a, ideal for companies that are conscientious about the environment and the impact they have upon it.